PREMIER Bankcard + LashBack

PREMIER Bankcard + LashBack

Learn How PREMIER Bankcard Reviewed and Monitored 2,000+ Emails in 6 Months


About the Client

PREMIER Bankcard believes in second chances. As a trusted partner to millions of customers, they offer credit cards to people who are building credit for the first time or need an opportunity to rebuild credit. 


“Every member of the PREMIER Bankcard Marketing team uses LashBack. Being in a heavily regulated space, we use it as a tool to ensure compliance and adhere to current regulations. The service LashBack provides has been helpful in demonstrating compliance in both internal and external reviews.” 

- Tony McCord, Director - PREMIER Bankcard Omnichannel Acquisition

Business Challenges

PREMIER Bankcard operates within a highly regulated environment that imposes strict compliance standards on email communications. To ensure adherence to regulations like CAN-SPAM and avoid any marketing compliance violations, PREMIER Bankcard needed a solution to proactively monitor the email content generated by their extensive network of affiliate partners who are responsible for managing their email marketing campaigns. 

Operating in an extremely competitive industry, PREMIER Bankcard also sought a solution that could offer valuable metrics on affiliate deliverability and provide competitive insights into the email practices of other banking organizations.

LashBack Solutions

PREMIER Bankcard chose LashBack to get the visibility they needed into their partners' email practices and obtain competitive intelligence. 

  • ComplianceMonitor: ComplianceMonitor is leveraged to ensure that PREMIER Bankcard’s email affiliate partners are using approved and compliant content in their messaging. 

  • BrandAlert: To gain competitive insights into other organizations as well as inboxing reports to see email deliverability metrics on their own emails, PREMIER Bankcard utilizes BrandAlert. 

Results at a Glance

Branded emails found and reviewed for compliance
Assets monitored in affiliate email traffic
Affiliate partners monitored

The Outcome

Visibility Across the Affiliate Network

Prior to partnering with LashBack, PREMIER Bankcard had limited visibility into the content being sent out by affiliate marketing partners and limited verification of the accuracy of campaign metrics being put forth by these partners.

After partnering with LashBack, PREMIER Bankcard was able to proactively review email content from 20 different affiliate partners—including subject lines, friendly froms, images, and links—to identify any unapproved alterations and to ensure accuracy and compliance. With LashBack, they’ve been able to discover, review, and monitor over 2,000 emails in just 6 months.

Additionally, this partnership gives PREMIER Bankcard access to deliverability metrics for emails sent by their affiliate partners, providing them with valuable insights.

Competitive Intelligence

By partnering with LashBack, PREMIER Bankcard was able to access a range of actionable competitive insights, including the subject lines, friendly froms, which affiliates they are working with, deliverability metrics, and overall email content.

Armed with this invaluable information, PREMIER Bankcard now has an advantage over their peers, enabling them to stay ahead in this highly competitive landscape.

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